Residential Installations and Repairs

5T2 Pipeline Inc. is a California State Licensed Class A General Engineering Contractor specializing in Underground Utilities “Water, Sewer, Storm Drain, Installations & Repairs”. New construction or existing system replacement. 5T2 provides utility installation services to single private residence, multiple housing projects, single family housing tracts, HOA’s, commercial businesses and industrial parks.

Services to Private Residential, HOA’s, Commercial, Multi Housing & Public Works:
  • Private Owners, Residential Development, Commercial, Industrial & Government
Drainage Installation and Repair:
  • Mains, Laterals, Structures (Wingwalls / Inlets), Culverts, Storm Drain Replacement,
  • Inspect/Camera Storm Drain
  • PVC, RCP, HDPE, CMP, Ductile Iron, CML&C
Sewer Installation and Repair:
  • Mains, Laterals, Pump and Lift Stations, Manholes, Septic Tanks & Lines, Taps, Service Hook Up, Reline Pipe, Inspect/Camera Sewer Lines
  • PVC, Ductile Iron, VCP
Water Installation and Repair: Domestic, Fire Water, Hydrants, Reclaimed, Mains and Services, Backflow Prevention, Booster Stations, Inspect/Camera Water Lines, PVC, Copper, PE, Steel, Ductile Iron.

Installations, Removal & Replacement: Hot Tap Assemblies, Double Check Detector Assemblies, Blow Off Assemblies, Kickers/Thrust Blockers, Meters with Vault/Box, Gate Valves, Shutoff Valves & Box, Pressure Reducing Valves, Post Indicator Valves, Fire Department Connections, Fire Risers, Backflow Devices, Pressure Reducers, Catch Basins, Manholes, Atrium Drains, Atrium Grates, Bio-retention Basins, Detention Basins, Infiltration Trenches, Cleanouts, Stormtech Systems, Contech Units, CDS Units, Saddle Tap Assemblies, Cleanouts, Sewer Manholes, Sump Pumps, Grease/Oil Interceptors, Septic Tanks/replacements, Water and Sewer Lines, Demolition, Pipe Removal, Disposal and Replacement of Old, Failed Water and Sewer Systems, Service Hook Up and Utility Connections, Sewer Installation/taps/laterals, Domestic Water services, Water taps to main, Fire lines,  Fire hydrates, Gas Line backfill, Storm drain, Manhole installations, Excavation, trenching & piping services for utility installation and repairs.