About Our Name

The name 5T2 didn’t just come to me, it has very significant meaning

In 2014, my son Tristan was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia. After hearing about Tristan’s diagnosis, one of Tristan’s football coaches woke up one evening feeling inspired. He drew this insignia in support of Tristan. 

5T2 LogoThe T represents his first initial, and the 52 is the number Tristan wore for both football and lacrosse, two sports Tristan has always loved so much. 

His coach made a huge sign to hang at our football games and made yard signs for people to put up and show their support for Tristan. This sign could be seen all over in neighborhoods in the city where we lived at the time. 

Tristan made such an impression upon so many people in the community before he became sick. He is loved and admired, and was known as a tremendous athlete who excelled at everything he did because of a “no quit” attitude. After he got sick, those qualities were only more apparent.

He made it through some of the worst circumstances you can imagine without complaining, maintaining an attitude of gratitude throughout. Every time he went through debilitating rounds of chemotherapy, and other diseases brought on by treatments, he worked that much harder to get strong again. 

Tristan was re-diagnosed 4 times, and had to start from scratch to build himself back up through therapy and determination. He never quit and never complained. 

I am proud to display this insignia as the symbol for my company and I always strive to exemplify the qualities that I saw in my son. 

Tristan passed away on July 30, 2019. 

About 5T2 Pipeline

Tristan Brockbank